French by birth but a global explorer by inspiration – Vincent Kraft is an artistic photographer who has been pursuing Street Photography and URBEX for more than 15 years.

Following the completion of his art and photographic studies at the Superior Art School in France, Vincent Kraft embarked on an ongoing discovery that has taken him through more than 60 countries and across 250,000 km. Vincent Kraft’s aesthetic revolves around the themes of instantaneity, perspectives, and the temporal nature of abandoned places.

Over the years, his artwork has been featured in prestigious photography books and various international exhibitions in London, Paris, Milan, Valletta and Cardiff. Vincent Kraft was also the recipient of the ‘Prize of the Public’ award at the London Photo Festival and the recognition from Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture.


  • 2021 I UNDERWORLD I (Coming soon) 
  • 2017 I Roche Bobois – Art Show I Milan, Italy I Private collection
  • 2007 I Tompress, Edition Sud Ouest I France I Book


An artist has always more to share than its artworks. His universe and influences are just as important because they are essential keys to understand his work. Vincent Kraft has now revealed his most intimate asset: his personal logbook when traveling and capturing photographs.


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