Men build their universes as scars on the surface of a planet they upset on a daily basis, like a constant affront to our eyes and streets. These photographs are the witnesses of the brutality of our urban environments, to which the screams of concrete are an inextinguishable echo.




The short film “O.U.T. IN THE STREET” (Once Upon a Time in the Street) reveals many aspects of our society.
It describes in particular the journey of a child who is growing up to become a teenager, who will then become a young man and complete his transformation as an adult.

Those four steps, as per the chosen music theme for this realisation “The Four Seasons” of Vivaldi are intrinsically linked to the rest of the artistic concept which is also based on four fundamental elements.

This short film aims to tell you a story that should resonate no matter where you come from. It is based on the principle of the circle of life for all humans living.
Indeed, all sequences in this short movie are a loop of four plans telling the story of a young person growing up: A human being who travels on the planet using a dedicated transport to get somewhere and to whom a story will happen.

The editing of “O.U.T. in the Street”, which follows the tempo of the soundtrack used, reflects the escalation of violence in our society. Each sequence plan evolves very quickly to emphasize the pace of our current lives and the inability to pay attention to the humans around us at this hectic pace.

The morale of is filmed through the scenes of the elevator and of the gun pointing to the camera.
The older the persona is getteing, the deepeer you go down and the darker the story becomes.
But as the movie from Mathieu Kassovitz, “La Haine” which inspired Vincent Kraft, says “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the landing”.

Finally, this subject, the way it is filmed and edited is also part of Vincent Kraft’s autobiography where you can see more of his personal life, his travels, the people he met and what he went through in his past . In fact some of the scenes are actually shot in his hometown where he grew up and with the inhabitants of his neighborhood.


All the following photographs are related to this series. They are a collection of shot recorded and never been exhibited.


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